Essay Samples on Personal Life

The Facts about My Hometown

The hometown that I grew up in is the big city of Charlotte North Carolina. In Charlotte the weather is very much so average. The summers are hot and muggy and the winters are cold and wet. Charlotte is located right in the middle of...

The Role of Competition in People's Life

We all live in a society where we see different kinds of competition everywhere. We used to see the competition on tv, in sports, between students in school, between parents, and also between siblings. We all say that we compete daily is an understatement. Why...

Balancing Life, Work and Studying in Student's Life

Students engaging in part time work while studying is becoming increasingly common. A study conducted by Lucas & Lammont 1998, found that students who work part time could develop skills such a teamwork, communication, customer care and practical skills. “Work-Life Balance does not mean an...

Life of Seafarers and Transition to Retirement

In the study of Hansson, Buratti, Thorvaldsson, Johansson, and Berg (2017) entitled “Changes in Life Satisfaction in the Retirement Transition: Interaction Effects of Transition Type and Individual Resources” it proved that the impact of retirement on a well-being varies between not only in individuals, but...

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