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The Projects of Conservation in Architectural Design

Conservation can be taken to several extents. It can be either done in a way to get a building to its original state or can be done in such a way to preserve a building from deteriorating further. Over the past years new theories of...

The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Wildlife Conservation in Africa

Economic growth “is how much of goods/services are consumed by one person in a particular population size over a period of time”. Economic growth has an inverse link with wildlife or nature conservation which is “the protection of animal species and their homes” because it...

The Application of Cognitive Development Theory in Conservation

The cognitive theory, developed by psychologist, Jean Piaget, has influenced the fields of education and psychology. Piaget discovered four periods of cognitive development: the sensorimotor stage, the preoperational stage, the concrete operations stage and the stage of formal operations. During the preoperational stage, children between...

The Impact of Conservation in the Urban Development

In order to carry out my report, I was required to use my primary data in use to support my field study. I decided to take my photographs to support the effect of conservation laws on urban development in Hunters Hill and followed a methodology...

Conservation Efforts to Save the Common Honey Bee

The common honey bee (Apis mellifera) is used as a mascot for the general bee population, it has been the bee humanity has relied on for millennia. Due to its usefulness in agricultural, humans have spread the common honey bee far past its native home...

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