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While there may be numerous topics that deal with the world we live in, strict college professors want to see only perfect essays that provide structure and can outline at least three important points. When asked to write an essay on the world or describe issues that take place in different countries, most students find it challenging to even start with an Introduction. It is a reason why we are happy to provide free world essay samples that will act as a good starting point and will inspire you for some creativity and ideas. Just let things that concern you be written down because it is the only way to write a poignant world essay. After all, when you have a good example, things instantly get better!

Reasons Behind the Silent Crisis in Dubai

Dubai is currently experiencing a silent crisis: real estate prices have fallen and the turnover of its ‘malls’, the gigantic shopping centers, has also fallen. Whose fault is it ? Qataris who do not come to spend their money in Dubai anymore. But the Qataris…

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