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Analysis of Russia's Trade Conditions and Laws

Being the largest country with an area of 17,075,200 square kilometers (6,592,800 sq mi), Russian Federation also known as ‘Mother Russia’, is full of blessings to earth, containing a wide range of natural resources including world’s largest natural gas reserve (2nd largest producer), oil reserve…

The Pattern of Korean Migration to Philippines

Looking at it from a national-level perspective, Kutsumi (2004), studies the formation of social organization and offers some estimates of the magnitude of Korean migration to the whole of the Philippines. Using data obtained from the Annual Report of Statistics on Immigration and Emigration Control…

Implementation of Social Theory in Colombian Coffee Market

Introduction The global coffee market today is indeed a complex and volatile system. For the most part, the coffee economy is influenced by a capitalistic structure. The coffee production is a precarious business, success in the industry depends on whether the actors involved can overcome…

The Disadvantages of Quebec Separation on Both Quebec and Canada

Quebec is one of Canada’s French-speaking provinces, and it has an impressive role in Canada’s trade and business. The first referendum was held in 1980 proposing that Quebec be independent. The referendum context was to have a new economic and political partnership separate from the…

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