Essay Samples on Profession

When you are composing a personal statement or dealing with a difficult dilemma in choosing your future profession, it’s always hard to put your thoughts down on paper. It is what makes it vital to explore the pros and cons of each choice that you make before you compose an essay on profession. If you are majoring in Nursing, as an example, you may talk about what inspires you or subjects that help you achieve success. It will help you to narrow things down and focus on various ideas that come to mind. As a way to make things easier, we provide you with free essays about profession that you can use as a template for your future paper. See how you can either choose a reflective or an explanatory tone, depending on what you would like to achieve. If you reflect on your thoughts, you can explain your ideas or reflect on your experience as you have been through internships or a shadowing experience as a medical student. The trick is to take notes and start with an essay outline where you work on your thesis or the moral lesson that you would like to share with your readers.

Personal Mission Statement: Interest In Journalism

Journalism is the industry of gathering and presenting news and information. It is a fast-paced environment that always offers new challenges. It ranges from the former art of newspaper writing to modern online Journalism. It is an industry that will always have a fundamental place...

Why Pursue A Career In Nursing: Personal Views

This paper will be describing the trials of becoming a nurse. The paper also describes the skills that are required to become a nurse, the difficulty of the career as well as the benefits, the local occupations provided for this career, and the level of...

The Main Moral Dilemma Faced by Nurses

The following essay relates to moral dilemmas faced by nursing staff at all levels within a care organisation. Also discussed are the influences of ethics and potential legal implications associated with any decision being made seemingly either on the behalf of an incapacitated patient, or...

Nursing Care Plan and Nurses’ Philosophy Influence

This essay aims at critically exploring the philosophies, models, and frameworks that underpin care planning. This will be demonstrated through use of a service user case scenario with a long-term complex care need. The essay begins with an overview of the identified service user and...

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