Current Condition and Future of Gerontology and Nursing in Philippines

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Ageing and wellness involve changes including in health, financial and social in the community. Aging adults have to find ways how to cope with all the changes in their lives. Older adults should prepare their selves for retirement plan; seek help to decide how to meet their needs to ensure that they have everything they needed in life and a safe environment to live.

There are increasing needs for people to be educated in areas of gerontology nursing due to ageism. Gerontological nurse helps to aid and decide the needs of the geriatric. Having an understanding of gerontology will help elders or family members to cope up with the process of aging and have a better life. Older adults in the community are being abused and neglected because of lack of education and awareness about their rights and not getting proper treatment or services intended for them. Elders do not have any access or resources on how to avail their benefits because they are not aware or does not have information about it.

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In a third world country, like Philippines trends in providing health care to older people will be interesting and challenging in the future due to the shortage of gerontological nurses. Gerontology nursing attracts fewer nurses because they viewed as not the main priority in the nursing field. Insufficient education to prepare in gerontology nursing will result in incompetent and poor quality care for aging adults.

The Philippine government does not recognize the needs of the aging Filipinos to provide complete aid or assistance for elderly such as institutional care, medical and health care insurance, food and nutritional aid and caregivers to families who are in need because of financial instability. Most often, geriatrics are being mistreated and confused about what’s happening.

Student nurse who wants to specialize in the care of older adults should have an education in social gerontology. Social gerontology is a sub-specialization on the social aspects of growing old. The social gentology helps older adults to improve their communication, interaction with their family members and in the society and to live active and be independent, to deal with their physical and mental problems and to assist for government aid for seniors.

A student nurse should consider physical activity in gerontological nursing to maintain healthy aging and quality of life. The student should advocate the essentials of physical activities to older adults to promote physical health that can be beneficial both mentally and physically by engaging elders to be more active. Engaging in such activities is one way of socializing with others, to combat loneliness or depression and gain self-reliance. Physical activities promote wellness in healthy aging adults.

In conclusion, as the future nurse, we have to be sensible and observant of what is happening around us by advocating changes that are beneficial to all especially for our elders who are vulnerable. Elders are often abused and neglected in society because of a lack of awareness about geriatrics. Therefore, we have to educate and help elders and family members to determine what services and assistance they need. Let’s us not forget our duties and purposes in the community.

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