Essay Samples on Entertainment

If you major in Media Studies, Journalism, Fashion, or Arts, it is certain that you will be asked to compose an essay on entertainment during your college course. Still, it does not make things clear as to what structure must be provided. It is where our free entertainment essay samples help out! Take your time to analyze the introduction and conclusion to understand why a good thesis or an assumption makes a successful essay. Quote your sources carefully to avoid any plagiarism risks. As you look through examples, start with an outline and write down the list of ideas that inspire you. If the chosen topic influences you, it means that you will always come up with a great thesis statement that will be reflected in your writing style.

Utopian Society in Walden Two by B.F. Skinner

Walden Two is a book by B.F. Skinner, originally published by Hackett Publishing Company, INC. in 1948. This book is about two men who return from World War Two and go to visit a new society being built by a man named Frazier. The men…

Dystopian & Utopian Society in the Book The Giver by Lois Lowry

Utopia is a paradise, a heaven. Where everyone lives fairly, feels happy, free, give love for each other. Respecting others, listen to someone else’s words, moral, and good. On the other hand, dystopia is a gloomy, world with no dreams or hopes. In the book…

Utopia by Thomas More: Dystopia Inside Utopia

A perfect society or a utopian society is a made-up community where political and social ideas are available in the way that there is peace amongst the people. Many people have different perspectives on their own personal Utopia. Thomas More had his own vision of…

Simo Hayha: The Deadliest Soldier in WW2

Simo Häyhä…. If the name does not send shivers down your spine then it will soon. Simo had the biggest kill count in the second world war. He earned that title with nothing but a sniper rifle(Vic Thomas) and a subMachine gun (SMG DUX 53)….

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