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Schizoid Personality Throughout the Movie Shrek

The 2001 movie Shrek, tells the tale of an unsociable ogre who lives in a secluded swamp. He loves being alone, but he is soon accompanied by a talkative donkey who wants to be his friend. Shrek’s world gets turned upside down when he realizes...

Finding the Appeal Behind Shrek, the Animation Movie

The world of animation is filled with so many talented and creative people. It is a common language shared between adults and children, a world where anything goes just as long as one has the imagination for it. And imagination itself has no bounds. It...

Uses of the Cartoon Illustration Style

Abstract This essay explores beloved and widely used cartoon illustration style. The paper depicts history of drawn cartoon style that is used for book illustrations and further evolution of this art that developed into animated movies using researches of Thomas Milton Kemnitz (1973) and Maureen...

The History of Anime and Why I Came to Love It

Anime some might know it as cartoons but anime is generally considered to be a form of entertainment. The Japanese have been producing and creating animation for over 100 years and are known for their ability to create realistic characters, scenery and action scenes. The...

Historical Inaccuracy in Johnny Tremain

Disney often recomposes films or cartoons based on historical events and novels, and these movies are beneficial to educate children history using an alternative source so that people could better understand and accept the history. To cater the targeted audiences, such as parents and children,...

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