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Alexander Hamilton Life, Politics and Achievements

At the beginning of Hamilton's career, he served as one of the New York delegates to the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787. He proposed that senators and the executive serve for life and that the executors can have an absolute veto. His proposals were...

How Alexander Hamilton Became the Leader of the Federalist Party

At this time, the 1750s-1800s, the United States was still very much a young, weak, and inexperienced nation. There are two major political parties wanting more power, the Federalists Party, and the Democratic-Republican Party. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party, which controlled...

The Achievements and Legacy of Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton has an astonishingly long list of achievements. She is a renowned mathematician, computer scientist, systems engineer, and even business owner. Margaret is an inspiring woman who has achieved great things in a male-dominated field. She is commonly accredited for coining the term “software...

A Research Paper on the Historical Accuracy in the Play "Hamilton"

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Keywords: Hamilton, Historical accuracy, Research paper, American Revolution, Musical theatre, Creative license, Biographical drama, Historical revisionism With 11 Tony Awards and over 1 million copies of its soundtrack sold, it is no doubt that the musical, Hamilton, has grabbed America’s attention since its debut in...

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