Essay Samples on Environment

The Michigan Government’s Mistake

In April of 2014, the people of Flint, Michigan lost their right to water and sanitation. It has been over five years since the water crisis started. However, it is still not solved yet, and the people of Flint have had toxic water for five…

The Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants Hygiene Standards

Introduction Over the past 100 years or so, physicists have converted uranium-235 and uranium-238 into energy through a process called nuclear fission. But before we go into all that more in detail let’s start at the beginning. Uranium was first discovered in 1789 by Martin…

Progress of Solar Energy Investment in India

Abstract In this era of rapid industrialization, power is one of the most crucial components for the economic growth and welfare of nations. India, being a developing nation, has always faced deficiency of power. Consumption of fossil fuels in gigantic volumes to generate electricity has…

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