Loss of Respect for Animals: Malicious Wounding and Beating of Dogs

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  1. It is Our Responsibility to Hold Respect for Animals 
  2. How Can We Stop This Disaster?
  3. Conclusion

Malicious wounding or beating of dogs has become a massive problem last year alone 21,000 cases were recorded last year which was 160 calls per month, this was in the forms of where animals have allegedly been hit, whipped, kicked, punched, decapitated and dragged alive behind vehicles. The facts that last year alone the RSPCA had recorded 130 suspected deliberate poisonings of dogs and puppies shows that there is any bit of respect for animals. This essay it is a persuasive argumentative paper which reveals the urgent issue of animal abuse. Its purpose is to rise people awaraness of the problem to stop animal abuse as quickly as it possible. 

It is Our Responsibility to Hold Respect for Animals 

For most family’s dogs are seen as a part of the family where they are treated well and are spoiled, whereas others don’t and this is where the problem comes into play since the people who try to teach the dogs tricks or the dog does something wrong they get hurt or if the owner is upset or angry they have a tendency to take it out or the dog.

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In my opinion not everyone deserves a dog, if they are going to abuse it, they don’t deserve one. Once the dog is taken away from the abusive owner if it passes the test to be able to be rehomed the dog can have a lot of trust issues and it takes to dog ages to get over what their previous owner did to them, but when the dog starts to feel safe with being away from their previous owner they are just all cuddles and smiles because they have been given a second chance at life and they are scared or being hurt all the time.

By reporting dog abuse the RSPCA WA Chief Executive Officer Iain Torrance said it does indicate more people are taking action against animal cruelty. And this is something that needs to be stopped since the dog abuse just keeps getting worse where some of the dogs cannot be saved and have to be put down.

There have been some miracles instance where dogs have been abused so badly that they have lost faith in all humans but have met someone who loves them and really wants them and have shown the dogs how they should be treated and the dog’s life’s have been turned around. I believe if we act now on this issue that more dog’s life’s can be turned around and they will be hopefully rehomed and feel safe.

How Can We Stop This Disaster?

  1. Be a responsible pet owner. This means to know and fulfil the needs of your pet not just the basics like food, and water. See the dog as a part of your family they need positives experiences so that it feels safe and loved.
  2. Adopt from shelters instead of going to a breeder, if you adopt the dogs will thank you forever and give you lots of love.
  3. Intervene if you witness animal cruelty, abuse or neglect. If you see someone hurting a dog intervene without putting yourself in danger.
  4. Report animal cruelty, abuse or neglect to the RSPCA or your local rangers.
  5. Teach your children to have respect for animals. Don’t let your kids hurt the dog in anyway and get away with it, since this is where most of these issues with dog abuse start.
  6. Stronger animal welfare laws and harsher penalties will lead to fewer cruelty cases. Most people seem to listen if there are harsher penalties.
  7. Educate people around you about the issue. The more people are educated about this issue it will hopefully help the numbers reduce.
  8. Offer help to people who are overwhelmed this means if someone feels overwhelmed with their dog ask to take it off their hands or offer them some training on how not to feel to overwhelmed with their dog since this is where a big part of the problem is as well.


This issue needs to be addressed more and people need to be educated more about this issue and, this issue needs to change for the better of the dogs that are put into this situation. On the Sunday, 9 February 2020 Mark McGowan came to us out at K9 Dog Rescue to find out what we do to help the dogs, and how we rehome them, then he introduce a legislation to end puppy farming here in Western Australia where he proposed the bill (Stop Puppy Farming). This is where Registered breeders can still breed whilst other dogs must be de-sexed by two years of age, unless exempt. Marks wants to help the stop the number of dogs ending up in shelters for them being dumped their, but understands there are always going to be people who mistreat dogs which will more than likely end up with us at K9 Dog Rescue.       

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