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My Home Town 20 Years Ago and Today

Have you ever been to my homeland today or in the past? Let me tell about my homeland. All people around the world have a home town and they can see how it changes every day. Also, changing assists to develop the country and it...

Gaziantep, The Town That Sun Shines

Would you like to live longer? Would you like your friends and family to live longer? Would you like your planet to live longer? The key to all of that is not far away, it is renewable energy. But what exactly is renewable energy, also...

Introduction to Japanes Culture Essay

What Are the Distinguishing Features of Akizuki and Lion Orchard? Firstly, the town of Akizuki is in a quite remote location, and far away from any other neighboring towns. As a result, most of the buildings and the feel of the buildings there, in general,...

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