Essay Samples on Personality

How Classical Conditioning Affects the Person's Habits

For this assignment I had to do some research on one of my habits that I developed through classical conditioning. This theory was discovered by a Russian physiologist known as Ivan Pavlov. The main research motivation was to study the role of saliva in dogs….

The Rising Cult of Vladimir Putin's Personality

This research question looks at how Putin created propaganda in order to construct his cult of personality. My hypothesis is that Putin main propaganda tool was historical reference specifically the Second World War that perpetuated his cult. This paper will focus on the main theory,…

The Inverse Ratio Between Greed And Personality

People are the synthesis of natural and social relations. Inside a person always have good sides like generous, brave,… and bad sides such as greed, selfish… A good person will refrain from bad things to show his face well. Human personality is a collection of…

How Studying Abroad Changes the Personality of a Student

Acknowledgment This research was proudly supported by Emirates National Schools, the researcher is grateful and thankful for the opportunity they had provided with this research that astoundingly gained a lot of more knowledge for the researcher. The hard-working researcher would like to acknowledge with respect…

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