Essay Samples on Biography

The Achievements and Accomplishments of Noam Chomsky

The well-known linguist, activist and author Noam Chomsky is a person who I greatly admire. His work has influenced many people in many different fields, from linguistics to psychology to politics. Through all his many achievements he has still remained a humble and down to…

Exploring the Bibliography of Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is an erudite scholar who has rendered enormous support in the field of linguistics, philosophy, history, and cognitive science with his groundbreaking innovations which include the theory of transformational generative grammar. Besides his contributions in academia, he is also a prominent author and…

Graham Hands: Martha Graham's Creative Expression in Shapes

In this documentary, Acampora recounts Graham’s biography, recalling her most significant life events and personal influences – predominantly her father who used physical movements to heal nervous disorders. This source also thoroughly explains how Graham’s experience as a student at the Cumnock School of Expression…

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