The Leadership and Life of Quaid E Azam

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History has seen many people who had an extraordinary characteristics. The main thing was their character which was pure and free from any false accusation. They had high moral values, respect and talent with logics. Their hearts and minds worked together like a team. Their determination, enthusiasm, potentialism, led to their own unique success. These are the people who change the world not by opinions but facts and they are one in a million.

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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was one of those men whom history will always remember as a great political leader. It was 25th of December 1876 when Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi in the house of Poonjah Jinnah, who was a merchant. He was always well established and was keen on learning new every time. When he got his primary education in Pakistan, his father wanted him to be a part of his business so that he can resign, But Jinnah has always had other plans. After that, he went to England for getting a higher and better education so that he can fulfill his own dreams. He studied law for four or maybe five years and after completing that he went back to his country to serve as a Barrister and was twenty years old at that time. First, he practiced at karachi and then went down to bombay to serve as a proper position of the barrister. He was the most respectful and a decent person who had knowledge of everything. He advocated a case where his client was guilty of a crime and was falsely sentenced 'To Be Hanged'. Even when he lost his case, he didn’t give up. However, after the punishment was announced, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was very comfortable and then next day, Muhammad was present at the Sentence scene and right when the prisoner's head was put in the rope and the lever was pulled, it was stopped by the command of Muhammad Ali janah because he stated that the Penalty was 'To Be Hanged' therefore as soon as the person is left with the rope around is neck and has started to be hanged, the punishment was complete and the sentence requirements were fully met, according to him there was no death or injury. After this argument, in the British history, it was added that the person should be hanged till death.

Muhammad Ali Jannah was a hardworking men who wanted to do something for his own people because when he got to know that India is only working for their own rights of freedom, he established his own political party which was the Muslim league and joined the Congress. It was to protect the rights of Muslim community. He wanted that the both indian and muslim people should work together but soon he found out that they does not had any concerns for Muslims.

He was the positive leader and devoted his whole life in serving the community free from racism. Quaid-e-Azam was not alone, he had such an amazing friends like Illama iqbal, liaqat ali khan and the most important person was his own sister fatima ali jannah. These were the people who helped him to create Pakistan.

On March 1920, Muslims of india demanded the separate country in which they can live peacefully. The Hindus denied the demand and asked for the one united country in which they wanted to rule, but the Muslims denied to act upon their decisions and fought for their rights by going out for the march and by denying the clothes of British empire. By the will of Quiad-e-Azam and his knowledge, Muslims on the 14th of August, 1947 were able to create their own country, PAKISTAN. During that time Quaid-e-Azam was under bad condition because he had Tb, and he made sure not to tell anyone about his condition because if he did, he would have never been successful in creating the new country. He was said to have rest but he refused to give up on his dream and became the first Governor General of Pakistan. He took his last breath on 11th September, 1948. His only words to pakistan was “ Work, work, work and only work.”

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