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Everyone is More than Their Imprefections

It is revealed that 70% of people suffer from a sense of inadequacy. Some would call it an imposter syndrome where we struggle with our work. Have you ever asked yourself that question, ‘Am I good enough?’ or ‘Am I pretty enough?’, ‘Am I smart...

Transcendentalism as a Literary, Social, and Philosophical Movement of the 19th Century

Transcendentalism was a literary, social, and philosophical movement that flourished during the middle 19th century which prioritized individuals over society as man’s greatness is found in the individual, not in the group. Transcendentalists were progressive individuals who went against traditionally held beliefs and thus were...

The Growing Issue of Teenager's Dependence on Technology

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With the presence of technology, teenager’s lives have been more leisurely and refined. Technology is being implemented more in their everyday lives because it has been developed to be able to do the simplest task. It takes a click of a button for companies to...

Emerson’s Definition of Self-Reliance 

“Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.” This quote is towards the beginning of Emerson’s “Self-Reliance,” and it is the basis of Emerson’s convictions. “Trust thyself,” begins the quotation. The semicolon separates this idiom from the rest of the quote, because it has...

Comparison of Emerson's and Whitman's Ideas About the Concept of Self-Reliance

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Ralph Waldo Emerson’s (1841) “Self-reliance” and Walt Whitman’s (1892) “Song of Myself” express similar ideas about self-reliance. Emerson’s text is entirely about the topic of self-reliance, but Whitman’s (1892) poetic form conveys very similar arguments even if they are in the form of poetry rather...

The Power of Individualism in Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self-Reliance"

Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay "Self-Reliance" is a timeless piece of literature that promotes individualism and encourages people to trust their own instincts. Published in 1841, this essay is a classic example of transcendentalism, which is a philosophical movement that emphasizes the importance of intuition, individuality,...

A Report On Self-Analysis Using Johari Window

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It was an astounding method of Johari's window to find out about myself and my practices towards others that were never seen. I have clarified beneath my results of all the four quadrants. Open area This area includes all those attributes which I came throughout...

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