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The Ethical Dilemma of Stealing to Survive

We are to act by a set of moral rules, which we solely have by being human. People faced with many hardships to steal every day for the survival of their lives. To be merciful and to be just. It depends. It is something to...

The Ethical Dilemma Around Music and Media Piracy

Throughout the years, the film and music industries have had to come up with ways to protect themselves against copyright piracy. Through the emergence of software’s like LimeWire and Piratebay that allow users to illegally download music and movies respectively, these industries lose a lot...

The Ethical Dilemmas of Life in The Rattler

In life, people are always confronted with ethical dilemmas. The same applies to the short story “The Rattler.” The narrator shows the snakes struggle as he attacks and kills him with a hoe. In “The Rattler”, the narrator illustrates how all living creatures, whether human...

The Issue of White Collar Crime in India

Abstract This paper gives a point by point understanding behind the thought processes of individuals submitting violations. Specialists have named the individuals carrying out wrongdoing, where the violations were negligible and kept to a specific region of administration as Grass Eaters. Individuals included in cushy...

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