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The Selected Need for Uniqueness Dimensions

A cellular communication system is essentially designed to bring common voice between two individuals, sending text messaging and executing primary functions, though cell phone had gone through sever transformations, making its functionalities growing fantastically towards time resulted from the altering needs of mobile cell phone...

Personal Essay on What Makes Me Unique

My name is Hoi Ying Candice Chan. I’m a typical 18-year-old girl that recently graduated from high school and wanting to pursue my dream job at the university. Each one of us is born unique in the same way and I believe I also have...

Ode To What It Means to Be Human

Being human is complicated. Even if we all came with a set of instructions, it wouldn’t change anything. But, the essential way to be ‘human’ is in making your own decisions and doing the random things you prefer. There are vulnerabilities that exist at our...

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