How Scholarships Built A Path For Children To Discover Their Uniqueness

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'In every child there is a stroke of genius that economic injustice surpresses'

Every child is a genius and behind every kid who struggles to survive the modern education system, behind every kid who struggles to live up to his/her parents' expectations is a genius waiting to be celebrated. They don’t have to be number one in class or necessarily be pioneers of something; or have a high IQ. Every child was born with a uniqueness to do something different in an incredible and their own original way. And as Bruce Lee puts it “Genius is the capacity to see and to express what is simple, simply!

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Essentially, the real meaning of genius is to “give birth to the joy” and every child has that capacity whether disabled or abled. By birth, a child inherits some abilities from their parents while there are abilities that they possess subconsciously that only they themselves can be able to do. That is their genius.

For some to be able to discover their uniqueness, they need to undergo some training. That is why we have learning institution which plays a very major role in a child discovering their uniqueness. Some get to discover this uniqueness because of their environment. Those who get to explore this uniqueness have turned out to be say; artists doing incredible art work each in their own way, teachers, doctors, and so much more just to mention a few. Unfortunately a majority never get to explore this uniqueness that is so entangled in their DNA. This has been attributed to lack of proper support systems and also lack of finances. Children coming from a poor background are more likely to not explore the uniqueness within them. Not just children from poor back grounds but also those with disabilities and are from a low income family.

With the economical strains, many children from low income families never get to see it to the university. Not because they were not sharp or smart enough but mostly because of lack of finances. Official data shows that about 40 per cent of students and pupils drop out of school due to lack of school fee. This explains why we have got an increased number of so many children in the streets. Most having run away from their homes looking for survival and hoping that there are greener pastures out here. Many dreams have been lost and so much potential gone to waste. Most of these children who then become grown-ups end up living the dreams of other people by becoming casual workers at a low pay just for survival. Others have resolved to committing suicide for lake of hope in life and whike others ahve resolved to a life of crime.Hence the poverty string continues, death and crime rates increase and the uniqueness of a person is lost in the midst of looking for survival.

This however has been managed by several people and organizations with a passion for this generation coming up with the idea of scholarships. This has been and will be of benefit not just to primary children but also to university students. This will not only go a long way to ensuring that the percentage of dropout has been reduced but it will also ensure that more students get to explore and discover the genius in them. Popcorn is prepared in the same pot with the same heat in the same oil, but the kernel do not pop at the same time, don't compare your child with other children his or her turn to pop is coming.

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