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Adult Education and ITS Philosophies

Before pursuing courses on adult education, it had been a while since I had contemplated on educational philosophies and what my actual style might entailed. When assigned this task, I assumed it would be easy to determine, ‘right?’ not so much, given the fact that...

Overview of the Education Programms at The Hutton House

The Hutton House is a place where people with developmental needs can attend for a variety of programs. They have programs for fitness, adult education, artworks, daybreak and life works. The Hutton House does service a thousand different individuals that have developmental disabilities. These programs...

Improving Adult Literacy Within the Workforce

The purpose of this literature review will be to explore instructional strategies that can increase reading fluency amongst an adult population that is not currently reading at least on a high school level while in a workplace setting. This review will also look at becoming...

Issues with the Lack of Adult Education Programs in Canada

The topic of education is nevertheless a subject of great importance, shifting the attention toward postsecondary education and the challenging problems it faces in Canada. With our growing demographics, rapid economical changes, and more developed advances, the upsurge of low-skilled populations has a detrimental economical...

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