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Being a First-Generation Student and College Experience

 The American dream is for every citizen to have an equal opportunity when it comes to achieving success, and prosperity, however the term “equal opportunity” is being tested by first generation college students. First Generation students tend to receive a whole different experience out of...

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together: College Experience

College is a very important stage for everyone. And college students receive much attention from the society. College life is very colorful, there are many student clubs. But some people think that college students should not join the clubs. In my opinion, it is necessary...

My First Day of College Experience

The day of which I was keenly waiting from my High School days was just a few hours away from me! what will I say! it actually was my dream and Was about to get true. I tried to reach the Institute Early morning but...

My Experience Of Studying At High School & College

When it comes to childhood, nobody fully prepared me for the complete role of the task when it came to becoming an adult. People often think college is a step above from high school but there are many differences between high school and college. High...

My Experience As First Time College Students

For many months and even years, all I have really envisioned myself do is to graduate high school as quickly as possible and to get enrolled into my dream post-secondary institution to study courses that relate to my chosen career path; law. After successfully completing...

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