Essay Samples on Science

Scientific essay writing is an inevitable part of college life that always places engineers and data science specialists among others in the middle between practical work and the theory. An essay on science is not easy to explain in words without relevant schemes and statistics, which often leads to confusion and an odd outline of things to consider. As a way to keep things calm for you, we offer free science essay examples that help you to see it all from Introduction to Conclusion in a typical science paper. The most important aspect, though, is to quote your sources right and avoid any plagiarism risks since you refer to specific research papers and journals. Take your time to look through our examples and see what to add to your paper.

Cognitive Processes and Pod-Dynamics of Orcinus Orca

Orcinus orca, commonly referred to as orcas or killer whales, are dominant apex predators of Earth’s marine biomes. The success of the species is highly dependent on a variety of physiological and social adaptations, not least of which is the development and structure of pods….

Disproving the Legend of The Bermuda Triangle

Abstract The Bermuda Triangle is shrouded with mystery, and the fact if it actually exists still lingers today. This essay is dedicated to all the questions that are left unanswered. Is the Bermuda Triangle real? Is it a myth or a real occurrence? Can it…

Symmetry in the Markings of Animals

Palindromes such as “madam”, “racecar” or “was it a car or a cat I saw” are having reversal symmetry with respect to the letters that compose such words or sentences. Beyond symmetry of words, the symmetry of structures such as Taj Mahal is crafted in…

Symptoms, Treatment and Dangers of Typhoid Fever

Introduction Typhoid fever is refered one of the world’s main causes illness also death. This infectious disease is caused by Gram- negative bacteria called Salmonella. Infection with salmonella in humans can be classified into two wide kinds created by low- virulence serotypes of Salmonella enterica…

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