Albert Einstein: Biography of the Most Renowned Scientist

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I chose to write about Albert Einstein biography in this essay because he was the mastermind behind the Manhattan Project. Another reason is that his work altered the outcome of World War Two, aiding in America's victory over the Axis Powers. Despite being perceived as mentally slow, he was, in fact, brilliant. Not only is he the most renowned scientist, but also the most significant one, as without him, there would be no America. He tackled not only classical problems but also statistical mechanics and problems that contributed to the validation of the Quantum Theory. That alone impresses me tremendously.

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Biography of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. He received his early education in Munich, Germany, where he struggled as a poor student. From a young age, Albert Einstein displayed an interest in the laws of nature, as well as the forces behind the compass needle. Many of his teachers believed he was mentally incompetent due to his different learning style. However, he possessed his own form of intelligence. His curiosity about the workings of natural laws shaped him into the person he became. Albert Einstein disliked school, and at sixteen, he dropped out of his secondary education. He was expelled by his teacher due to his negative attitude, which was said to be influencing his classmates. Although Albert Einstein initially failed the entrance exam for the Federal Institute of Technology, he obtained his high school diploma and gained automatic admission.

In 1900, he successfully passed his graduation exam from the Federal Institute of Technology. However, he was unable to secure a university assistantship due to one of his professors. Two years later, Albert Einstein obtained a position as an inspector at a patent office in Bern, Switzerland. He eventually married Mileva Maric, his former classmate, and they had two sons. At the age of twenty-six, Albert Einstein fulfilled the requirements for his doctorate and wrote his first groundbreaking scientific papers. In his spare time, he worked on physics and mathematical problems, which led to his appointment as an adjunct professor in Berne. In 1909, he became a Professor Extraordinary in Zurich, and in 1911, a Professor of Theoretical Physics in Prague. In 1933, Albert Einstein emigrated to the United States, where he assumed a position as a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton. He obtained United States citizenship in 1940 and retired from Princeton in 1945.

Albert Einstein received numerous awards, such as the Franklin Medal of the Franklin Institute in 1935. He was internationally recognized and received memberships and fellowships from prestigious scientific academies. Albert Einstein achieved fame by delving into various areas and proving physics-related problems and theories, such as the existence of particles and atoms. He famously formulated the Theory of General Relativity, which encompasses the physics of space, time, and the speed of light. He was also involved in politics and religion, including his affiliation with Zionism.


Albert Einstein was not only brilliant but also a genius. His contributions to proving numerous theories surpass the capabilities of most individuals today. He possessed the motivation and interest to explore physics and its underlying theories. He never gave up and only pursued greatness. His perseverance and determination are what make him a renowned scientist to this day.

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