Albert Einstein, Life and Effects of His Life

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How would you feel if everyone thought you would fail, and then you became the best at what you do? Although Albert Einstein had a challenging childhood where everyone, even his own parents, doubted him, his hard work finally paid out to his success. His success came from his own growth mindset, even after all his failures, Einstein kept trying and eventually he succeeded. Einstein’s childhood was unreliable to tell about his adulthood. “Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany” .

After he was born Einstein was thought to be mute, because he didn’t speak until he was 4 years old. Also, he couldn’t speak smoothly at the age of 9 years old. Einstein had a challenging love life. Einstein married twice. Einstein married Mileva in 1903. Einstein and Mileva had 3 kids; Lieserl, Hans, and Eduard. During Albert and Mileva’s marriage, there were some complications. Lieserl was born before they married. Also, Albert worried more about his work than anything else, this includes; hygiene, clean clothes, his wife, and his children. So eventually, Albert and Mileva got divorced. After the divorce, Mileva got the kids and Albert remarried to his cousin, Elsa Einstein, and adopted her kids. 

Einstein had many revolutionizing theories. Over the many years that Einstein worked, 1902-1904 were thought to be his most productive. Even so, 1905 is known to be his year of marvels, during this year he published a total of 3 innovative papers. Einstein had a very creative way of thinking that most people didn’t understand. He expressed some of his ideas in these papers; The photoelectric paper, Brownian Motion paper, and the Theory of Relativity papers as stated in (cite here). As well, his creativity shined though his theories. Some of which include; The interchangeability of mass and energy (E=MC2) (Howard, 146a-b), The theory of Brownian Motion.

The theories of relation, Quantum Theory . These theories also contributed to the creation of the Big Bang Theory. Einstein’s most famous theory, E=MC2. The interchangeability of mass and energy theory, commonly known as E=MC2, explains how everything with mass has energy, what most people do not know is what the letters mean and represent. The E is energy, M is mass, C is the speed of light, and 2 means you have to multiply the speed of light by itself. So energy equals mass times light multiplied by itself. Einstein created the Theory of Brownian motion. Einstein changed thermodynamics and static machines, doing this lead up to Einstein’s creation of the Theory of Brownian Motion. 

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Brownian Motion is the irregular movement of microscopic particles in a liquid as a result of said particles colliding with the fluid. Einstein created the Theory of Relativity. Einstein figured out that two people going at extreme speeds would experience time differently, even though time passed the same amount. For example, two kids sitting in a classroom would experience time passed differently, to one it might feel as if the time flew by, while to the other time went by slowly even though the same amount of time as pass. Einstein created the Theory of Relation. In 1905-1916, Einstein worked on and finished his Theories of Relation. 

Einstein figured out the speed of light is the speed limit of everything in the universe. He applied the laws of gravity and inertia to finish this theory. The Quantum Theory was discovered and started by Albert Einstein himself. It was a theory he only needed for a limited amount of time. “A theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta, especially quantum mechanics”. After Einstein finished using this theory, it wasn’t completed. Einstein left the unfinished Quantum theory to work on his United Field Theory. 

Later, the Quantum Theory was finished without him. Albert Einstein died in Princeton on April 18, 1955. Right before he died, Einstein signed a paper forbidding Nuclear weapon use. Einstein died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Einstein and his theories revolutionize the world of science. He changed the way we think about and see the world today. Einstein also had a growth mindset and encourages others to do the same, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” his failures may have brought him down but he kept trying and he eventually became one of the best scientists of all time. 

Others have also used his theories to create new theories of their own, Georges Lemaitreꞌ used ideas from Einstein’s theories in order to create the most accepted theory of the origin of our universe, the big bang theory. In conclusion, Einstein had many troubles leading up to his success. Everyone thought he was challenged. Einstein’s creative way of thinking made him famous today. Even though he did not succeed at first he was persistent and kept trying and at last he succeeded. His theories revolutionize science today. Albert Einstein’s misleading childhood as well as challenging parts of his adulthood, finally lead to his success.  

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