Essay Samples on Physics

Correlation Between Sprint Speed and Agility

The statistical analysis that was used to evaluate the data was the rate of variability of values F-test, this verified whether there was a variance of the value-time. The researcher also used a non-parametric t-test from the results of the F-test to evaluate if there…

History and Application of Projectile Motion in Military and Warfare

Projectile motion plays an instrumental role in military weaponry, strategy and war tactics. It was only with the development of the gun in the fourteenth century that soldiers and their commanders started to consider the implications of projectile motion (Walley, 2018). However, projectile weaponry such…

Research on the Silencing by Motion Illusion

The silencing by motion illusion (Bach, 2019) is a perceptual phenomenon which consists of a group of varying objects (shape, size, brightness and colours) which move around a central fixation cross, causing the changing properties to be unnoticed by the viewer, while the objects are…

The Impact of Indian’s Culture in Public Relation and Communication

First of India’s most important contributions to world culture, in general, and European, in particular, can be found in its philosophy and spiritual tradition. For the typical European, rather Western, the notion of Indian philosophy is narrow and without foundation. What is worse is that…

Motion Coherence Processing with High Autistic Traits

Abstract This study assessed the accuracy and reaction times of two groups of typically-developed (individuals that have met all the developmental milestones) adult participants, using a motion coherence task. The 116 participants were split into two groups based on their autism trait score (high vs….

John Dalton's Model of Atomi Theory Analysis

Do you know everything except energy, what you see, touch, and smell are all made up by particles called atom? I will be introducing the topic about the history of the atomic theory, and the first people who noted there’s a thing called the atom….

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