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One of the Most Well-Known Scientists Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most well-known scientists in history and has many interesting stances and viewpoints. Einstein connects arts, scientists and religion in the quote “All religions, art and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed towards ennobling...

Albert Einstein, Life and Effects of His Life

How would you feel if everyone thought you would fail, and then you became the best at what you do? Although Albert Einstein had a challenging childhood where everyone, even his own parents, doubted him, his hard work finally paid out to his success. His...

Albert Einstein and Special Theory of Relativity

 Albert Einstein is one of the most influential mathematicians that discovered many theories that have shaped the lives of millions. His passion for math and physics completely transformed his life and he has influenced the future generations of scientific findings in countless ways. Albert Einstein...

The Progress of Science and Albert Einstein

The story centers around one of the brightest minds to have contributed to the progress of Science and discovery, Albert Einstein. The setting is from his childhood days when he lived in Germany and has characters like his cousin Elsa and only friend Yuri. One...

How Quantum Mechanics Have Changed Our View On Reality

Abstract Many revolutionary advancements have come about due to the immense research into quantum mechanics and general relativity, due to their vast influence on the world around us, on both the cosmic and sub-atomic scale. In Newtonian mechanics, which is one of the concrete theories...

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