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How NASA Exploring Mars and the Moon

It is extraordinary how majority of outer space is still unknown, yet we continue to make amazing discoveries within our solar system. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration also known as NASA has accomplished many scientifically advances like landing astronauts on the moon in 1969....

Mars Exploration: History of Rejections and Achievements

Ever since several centuries ago, human beings have being interested in the space outside our earth’s atmosphere. But it was not until the 1950s that humans were able to send artificial objects into the space to further their exploration. Since then, the two giants, the...

Plausibility of the Human Colonization on Mars

Sending people to Mars is one of humanity’s greatest ambitions this century. We are not just going there, but we plan live there as well. With the climate of Earth heading toward a dire state human might need to leave Earth indefinitely one day. However,...

International Effort in Investigating and Exploring Mars

Curiosity is an innate urge in human nature. When explorers discovered the new world, thousands flocked to explore it out of curiosity. We are on the cusp of great exploration, the planets in our solar system have started to be explored, starting with Mars. Mars...

Research on Life on Mars and Future Missions

As the global population explosively grows over the past decades, the exhaustion of energy has become a hot topic among scientists. Thus, scientists started to care about the potential colonial life on another planet, the Mars. Whether there exists a biological or microbial life on...

Some Challenges And Solutions Of Establishing Life On Mars

Mars one is an organization with the aim of sending humans to establish life on Mars, which is composed by scientists who have confidence that settling on Mars is feasible, they also believe that the humanity already have the technologies capable of sending the first...

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