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Exploring the Unknown: The World of Astronauts and Astronomy

Introduction Drifting in an infinite void, weightless, unravelling the enigmatic mysteries of the cosmos, uncovering uncharted realms—such is the ethereal experience of being an astronaut. Yet, this vocation brims with peril and promise; its impact on the world depends on circumstances. The study of astronomy,...

Astronauts and Advanced Crew Escape Suit

The bright orange color astronauts wear to go out for launch is called InternationalOrange, and it’s the same shade as the paint that coats Tokyo Tower in Japan, and the GoldenGate Bridge in San Francisco. However, once astronauts are in space, they swap orange for...

Possible Risks During the Space Exploration

Space exploration has been around for a while now and it has been an amazing achievement but it was not really necessary. See space exploration is extremely expensive. So if one thinks about it that money could be used for other things for example medical...

Nuances of Food Preparation for Astronauts

Summary Astronauts do not only rely on food for their physical well being. Food provides emotional benefits and can lessen the psychological effects of being in space for extended periods of time. However, food on the International Space Station must be specifically prepared for space...

Negative Effects of the Space Travel on Body

Traveling into space used to be a fictional tale. In the 1950s, children and adults all over would gather around their radios to hear stories of space men. They soon would watch images in the theaters as well as on television sets that depicted men...

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