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Why Are Zoos Bad For Animals

There are many opinions about zoos. Some think they are good and others think they are horrible investments. Zoos are good because they provide protection against the species that are going extinct. They are also good because the provide an educational resource. The last reason...

Pit Bulls: Should They Be Banned

When people hear the word pitbull one of two things comes to mind. One, Pitbulls are dangerous and need to be gone, or two, Pitbulls are misunderstood and sweet. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course, but unless hard facts are found to...

Lordly Elephant: Half-Mysterious Story of an Animal

Once upon a time in the previous Manvantra, there was a very eminent mountain named Trikuta, well known for its glory and beauty. This mountain is a thousand yojanas in height from the milk ocean. It contains many precious and valuable gemstones. Another beautiful sight...

Koalas and Their Importancy for Our Ecosycytem

It is important for our ecosystems to maintain Koalas out of the extinction list since they play a vital role in conserving the forests inhabited by them. Because of their strict diet of the eucalyptus they help control the excess vegetation of eucalyptus, reducing the...

Ways Wolves Communicate With Each Other

Wolf signals show strong bonds and communication with other wolves in their packs. Wolves have an advanced level of communication shown through their social organization within their pack community, survival instinct, and relations with rivaling or opposing packs, using vocalization, scent, and body language. The...

Poe Edgard Allen and Various Kinds of Animals

These days many people have various kinds of animals as companions or more likely treat them differently, Poe Edgard Allen has written many stores including the black cat. Set in the home of the narrator. The story begins that the narrator is an animal lover...

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