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Population Of Bengal Tigers In India

The result of this research shows that the population of Bengal tigers in India had reduced from hundreds of thousands to less than 2500 due to hunting and deforestation. This research paper is about the endangered Bengal tiger. The purpose of this research is to...

The Issue of Animal Cruelty Regarding Lions and Tigers

Human beings have a responsibility to treat animals with respect and not cause them needless suffering, because they have made it possible for mankind to survive on Earth. However, because normal adult humans seem to have superior cognitive abilities in the hierarchical scale of nature,...

The Specifics Of Tigers Mating Behaviors

The tigers that we know and love today are going extinct because of us, which means that we should learn more about how they have offspring and how they choose a mate. We should also start studying their genetics and just find out as much...

Imaginary Battle Of A Lion And A Tiger

Who is stronger? A tiger or a lion? Which of them actually has the right to be called the king of the jungle? Do these two predators meet on a narrow path of war in the wild? And if so, where? Let’s imagine that suddenly...

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