Population Of Bengal Tigers In India

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The result of this research shows that the population of Bengal tigers in India had reduced from hundreds of thousands to less than 2500 due to hunting and deforestation. This research paper is about the endangered Bengal tiger. The purpose of this research is to provide any information about why the tiger is an endangered species. All the information that I found is from Google scholar. Almost all the information supports my hypothesis that the Bengal tiger is an endangered species, their population keeps decreasing caused by hunting and deforestation. I found that there are many ways for estimating the population of tigers. One of them is using the camera trap, placed the camera-trap in different areas to capture the pictures of the tigers, then calculate and estimate their population. When we want to study ranging, activity, and habitat use by tiger, we can use GPS for tracking and studying their behavior. The information that against my hypothesis was about the necessity of killing a tiger for self-defense.

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In this research, all the sources have come from Google scholar. As you can see, the Bengal tiger is endangered by extinction. Their population keeps decreasing rapidly. If the tigers are extinct, it will affect the balance between predator and prey in the ecosystem. A chain reaction might happen. Some species that are dependent on tigers may extinct. And it will affect all the system. Most of the sources I’ve found are agree that the tiger is an endangered species because they were hunted by people. But some of it said that it is necessary to kill a tiger for self-defense.

The results of my research are tiger is an endangered species. In India, their population decreased from more than hundreds of thousands of tigers to less than 2500. This research is supported my hypothesis that the tiger population was decreasing due to the hunting of people. This could also happen to any species of tiger. I think we should seriously concern about this issue because this can cause many effects on the environment. As you can see from this research, tigers are the top predator of the food chain so; many species below the tiger are affected if tigers were extinct. There are some sources against the conservation of the tiger, It states that many people agree that it is necessary to kill the tiger due to the tiger attacked. Many old Chinese people who still believe in tiger medicine are continued to buy this kind of medicine.

The Bengal tiger is a national animal of India and Bangladesh. They live in the tropical rain forest and are also found in Sundarbans mangroves forest that shared the area between India and Bangladesh. They have an orange color with black strips in the vertical direction. Nowadays, their population has been decreasing rapidly. Before, there are more than hundreds of thousands of Bengal tigers living in India. But now, there are only 2500 tigers left in India. In my research, I also found negative results. I found that many people are afraid of the tiger and decided to kill any tiger they found in the area for their safety. This happens because of deforestation for farming and built villages so; they have to share the same habit with a tiger. I think we shouldn’t kill the tiger. There are many ways to avoid tiger attacks instead of killing them. For example, use the electric fence to prevent the tiger from entering your area. The problem of this research is there is less information, the information that I found from different sources is similar. For future research, I want to study “How to conserve tiger”. I will present the solution to this issue, including the ways to conserve the tiger.

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