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Cognitive Processes and Pod-Dynamics of Orcinus Orca

Orcinus orca, commonly referred to as orcas or killer whales, are dominant apex predators of Earth’s marine biomes. The success of the species is highly dependent on a variety of physiological and social adaptations, not least of which is the development and structure of pods....

Reflections of My Kamogawa Sea World Trip

Killer whales live in the sea, and their body is black and white. They eat beast, for example, fish, penguins, seals, other whales and sharks. When I have free time, I watch YouTube. This is how I first learn to about to killer whales. I...

Characteristics of the Different Whale Types

This project is about analyzing whales and how there specific features like length may make them more endangered compared to other whales species Gray whale Gray whales can reach length up to 46 ft or 14 meters Males whales are slightly smaller than females. The...

The Cruel Treatment of Dolphins and Whales in SeaWorld

SeaWorld has announced terminate its orca breeding program in 2016 (CBS News, 2017). With the death of Tilikum and the last baby killer whale, Kyara, the number of orcas live in captivity will reduce. The first was built in San Diego, California, and was opened...

The Humback Whale: One of the Most Endangered Whale Species

On a planet that’s more than a billion years old, one might think that the biggest animals alive today would probably be apex predators. While this is true, the humpback whale (one of the largest whales in the world) is far from earth’s killing machine....

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