Reflections of My Kamogawa Sea World Trip

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Killer whales live in the sea, and their body is black and white. They eat beast, for example, fish, penguins, seals, other whales and sharks. When I have free time, I watch YouTube. This is how I first learn to about to killer whales. I watched their performance in an aquarium. It was amazing. They use their big fins, and they splush a lot of water into the audience. The audience was splushed by killer whales, and they were covered with water. It looked fun, so I wanted to go and see a show like that.

I found the aquarium where we could watch killer whales. The aquarium is Kamogawa Sea World. This spot is located in Chiba prefecture. Kamogawa Sea World is far from my house. So I had to neither catch the train or take a car to get there. I went there by car. My father drove the car. And we went together with my family. We took the express Waylon Kamogawa. When we arrived, there were so many cars. We took about 30 minutes to park. After e took the car, we had to 10 minutes to the entry. And we had to go to the automatic ticket gate first to get tickets.

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Anyway we arrived there, excited. First we went to the dolphins show. It was good. Then we went to the white dolphins show. Eventually we made it killer whales show. Unfortunately we could’t see any shows. So I was afraid I would’t get splashed. And then, the shows began. Killer wales did many tricks, the splashed with tails, the splashed by jumping. I could see many people at the front getting wet. Even though I could’t get splashed, it was fun. I hope next time to see the show from front.

I interviewed my teacher. Then he said, I like aquariums. He has been to aquariums three aquariums, one in Okinawa. He has never been splashed by killer whales, but he has had a more amazing experience. He was splashed by a shark. While it was swimming around, he touched it. Suddenly the shark turned and tried to bite him. He said, that was so scary. Also, I interviewed Nagisa. She said, I like aquariums. Then she has been to aquariums many times. For example, Oarai aquarium, Sumida aquarium, Kamogawa Sea World, and more. And she has been splashed by killer whales when she was in elementary school.

I think killer whales are very cool and smart. I found some things interesting about killer whales. There are 4 types of killer whales and their eating habit is interesting. If we train them, they are able to jump, splash, bark and more. killer whales are also known as. Sometimes they hunt Together and fight with sharks. the apex of the sea, the top of the food chasing.

Since I first saw killer whales on YouTube, I have seen them in real life. I’ve heard people stories about them, learn to about their natural habit, and grown to love them more and more.

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