The Trip and the Time Spent in the Woods of Lake Needwood

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I remember the time my father decided to take my family and I to Lake Needwood. It was in the summer of 2010 when he rented a cabin in the middle of the woods and took us there. I remember the cabin, the dilapidated shack that it was, and the surrounding trees that looked as though they reached the clouds. Summer after summer, we would return there and make many memories. And although it may not have been the most luxurious, the lush green woods besieged our humble abode in peace and tranquility away from the obstreperousness of the outside world.

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My favorite part of the trip was always the lake. As soon as we arrived, my sister and I would run to the lake to swim, my father tagging along behind us, fishing rod in hand. We would run straight into the water, the waves crashing against our feet, the smell of algae and moss filling the air. The water always found a way into my mouth, the horrible taste of salt made me cringe. The feeling of floating gave me great felicity as the sun danced on the surface of the water around me. There was always laughter, I remember, as the people fishing caught fish after fish and the swimmers splashed each other with water. I remember seeing the houses on the other side, the scene looked as though it had came from a painting, one I wished very much I was apart of. The time to leave would always arrive but I was never sad because many more adventures awaited.

After our time at the lake we would drive to our cabin far back in the woods. The place was always green and full of life. The thick entangled branches of the trees formed a natural canopy from the torrid rays of the sun, yet still let the warm pleasantness in. The leaves, some yellow, some tawny, some green in color; all different and like people, had their own unique personality. The smell of maple and the hickories overwhelmed me as the birds sang and the squirrels played, not a worry in the world. There were times me and my sister would watch them for hours upon hours, sometimes even joining them in a game of hide and seek. I remember seeing the trees, swaying back and forth in the wind, as if they were dancing, always in harmony.

As time for the sun to set came close we would run back to our house in the woods to have dinner, I remember my favorite was when my dad grilled his famous fall-off-the bone BBQ ribs. We would sit around the fire and enjoy the meal while the fire, like hot ribbons of light, would dance, swaying from one side to the other, as if someone were pulling it, trying to suffocate it, yet the fire always persisted, engulfing the dry wood in a firestorm. After our delicious meal I would always climb up the biggest tree to watch the sunset, while my parents and sister would watch from below. The sunset always amused me with all those colors at the horizon, like a sea of fire made of the richest hues; red blended with crimsons, oranges, and purples. I watched as the red ball of fire slowly sank beneath the horizon taking with it, all light, leaving us with the darkness of the somber night. And just like that night would come, the stars filling the sky with their luminous beauty, looking upon us while we did the same.

I remember all the good times we had at lake Needwood and although one might call it a burden to stay there, it was a beautiful place full of peace and tranquility; a place that holds countless memories. Lake Needwood was first time I truly got to be close to nature and the experience showed me how much I loved it. From then on I have always loved the outdoors and have been on countless adventures in the wild.

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