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The Issue of Over-Tourism at Machu Picchu

Introduction of Tourism & Over-tourism Tourism is the world’s largest industry preserving and managing the natural environment and become the most important strategy future growth and development of the tourism industry (Edgell, D. L. 2016). It is one of the major service industry as well...

Creative Tourism as a Form of Cultural Tourism

Tourism has an important role in the expansion of destinations, it can be domestic and international. Both, an international and national tourism are closely interconnected influencing each other. Traveling around means seeing the world, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures (MacCannell, D 2013). However,...

The Role of Heritage Tourism in Multinational Development

Along with the considerable development of the society, the diversity of the economic forms clearly spike, causing the economic sectors to adapt swiftly. Tourism industry, not an exception, rapidly transforms and creates new paths including heritage tourism. This kind of tourism, recently, has become a...

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