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 Experiencing Buddhism Through My Religious Site Visit

As I was growing up in Turkey, a country that most common religion is Islam, I did not get to see people who believe in different religions and beliefs. Comparing Islam and Buddhism helped me realize that there is a huge variety of religions with...

Review of My Visit to the Roman Catholic Church

Catholicism is the faith, practice, and church order of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church is one of the world's biggest religious divisions, with 1.2 billion devotees around the world. This number makes it just marginally littler than Islam (1.4 billion) and bigger...

Black Mountain Tower Site Visit Reflection

Introduction Site selected: Black Mountain Tower Rob, the guest of our site visit, started the site visit session by providing information about Telstra Tower. Telstra Tower is Canberra's iconic telecommunications tower at 195.2 meters height from the summit of Black Mountain. According to the online...

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