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A Whole New World: Why Should You Take a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour 

A Maverick Grand Canyon helicopter tour is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the world from another view. This is a chance to see breathtaking sights that will surely leave you in awe. With this tour, you can explore places you never thought existed and places...

Grand Canyon in India: Destination for Nature Lovers

Would you believe it if you heard that there is a Grand Canyon even in India? Shocking but true! There actually exists a captivating canyon as beautiful as the Grand Canyon in India. So where is this enchanting place? Is it really like the Grand...

Analysis of Snow Canyon Reviews and Accommodations

A blue minivan pulls up into the Snow Canyon State Park parking lot. The door swings open and hops out a child around the age of six. With her pigtails bouncing and light up shoes flashing, her parents try to gain control of their child's...

A Literary Review of Percy's The Loss of the Creature

Words-a-Pix Little kids often sit at their kitchen table, trying to connect the dots in the newspaper game section. They go from number to number, not knowing what the emerging picture will be until they reach the last one. As they slowly drag their pencil...

A Personal Narrative of the Trials of Scaling St. Charles Peak

The Ascent During high school, two friends and I decided to try and backpack all over the country. Andrew, Jeff, and I took trips to places like the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, and the Buffalo River. After each trip the three of us would say,...

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