Analysis of Snow Canyon Reviews and Accommodations

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A blue minivan pulls up into the Snow Canyon State Park parking lot. The door swings open and hops out a child around the age of six. With her pigtails bouncing and light up shoes flashing, her parents try to gain control of their child's excitement for the new and beautiful scenery around her. They see the bright red rocks reflecting the sun's light to create an alluring orange hue. All the stress washes out of them when the young parents look around and sigh in relief as they witness the red formations that is now surrounding them.

Snow Canyon is 7,400 acres of pure magnificence. There are plenty of diverse activities to keep a six year old entertained without having to use a screen. The sand dunes and the lava tubes are perfect exploring grounds and the history of the park is breathtaking. Snow Canyon is a highly functioning and well run property. Snow Canyon’s cost, activities, campgrounds and accessibility are all reasonable for the experiences and scenery encompassed in the price.

Activities within the park come in a wide variety. Hiking trails are found throughout the entire park. As Esswein et al. “Set in a valley in the southwestern corner of the state and surrounded by red-rock cliffs and canyons, St. George offers some of the most spectacular views in the country”(2005). The Butterfly Trail takes the hiker deeper into the park to climb the red rocks on the trail and see the butterflies that frolick lackadaisical through the trail. Dogs are allowed in certain areas and there are horse trails too. Snow Canyon has allowed small businesses to form that rent out horses and take visitors on trails within the park. The bike trails are paved and kept clean so those who use the trails will have a pleasant experience. Lava tubes are a cool escape during the hot summer months and when the ground seems boring, the cliffs on the south-side are perfect for climbing. Petroglyphs and pioneer names hidden near the slot canyon illustrating the history of this majestic landscape. Across the road, the sand dunes are perfect for barefoot adventures. The whole park has been used in countless of photoshoots for weddings, graduation announcements, high school dances, and missionary pictures. The versatility of Snow Canyon is impeccable and has options for everyone who desires an adventure.

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The camping grounds are quaint and clean. There are individual spots with the option of electrical and water hookups. Lights are dimly lit at night to allow the stars to be seen and the beauty to be taken in. Disturbances hardly occur to the campers at night because the park locks the campground’s gates so the campers can get well rested for the day ahead full of fun under the sun. However, in a review left by Kim R., she complained “We went there to camp, however, this weekend. I opted for a site with hookups (water and electricity only) and was very disappointed. The sites are on top of each other” (2012.). The sites are claustrophobic during the spring and summer months, when the campgrounds are full. James B left a review on tripadvisor concurred with Kim, “The RV parking is extremely tight. Most spots are 11 feet wide, with shade structures on one side. There are plenty of dents and tears on the metal roofs were unaware campers connected. Do not expect to be able to walk around your rig. I have a couple of dings in my head where I contacted with one of my extended windows”(2014, n.p.). Though most of the visitors found the site to be well kept with hot showers and were pleasantly surprised with the campground. The cost to enter or stay in the park is reasonable. On the Utah State Park Website, it lists the costs of what the park provides.

Day-Use Fees:

$10 per vehicle (up to eight people); $5 per vehicle (up to eight people) Seniors 62 and older (Utah residents with UT driver’s license); $5 pedestrian/cyclists (up to eight people); $3 per person commercial use or vehicles with nine or more people...

Group Day Use:

Many of the reviews said that the price was perfect for what the park provides. Other rentals such as climbing gear and trail riding are run by private companies and those interested contact them separately for further information. The annual passes are a total of $75 (senior discount is $35). This is a full year pass from the date bought which allows access to all state-run parks such as Gunlock Reservoir and Sand Hollow Lake. If the cost is still too much, the park provides parking outside of the park gates. The walk is longer, but the beauty is still the same. If the buyer enjoys the state parks then this is an exceptional price.

Snow Canyon State Park is easily accessible for visitors and locals. Located fifteen minutes out of sunny St. George, Snow Canyon can be enjoyed with just a short drive. The directions are simple too: just stay on the 18 until the sign shows up that reads “State Park Ahead”. The park is also a shortcut for those who live from Winchester up to get to Ivins or the well-known Tuacahn Theater. The original drive from Winchester to Tuacahn would be 30 minutes, but if the driver cuts through Snow Canyon, the drive time is cut in half making the driver happier and the ride smoother.

As the small family carries their little pigtailed child in arms, they reminisce of their day within the beautiful Snow Canyon Park. The trails explored, the rocks climbed and lava tubes ventured in that made the young girl so excited and also exhausted. With the rocks orange turning into a deep magenta the day is at an end. Another day will come soon when the family will enjoy another lovely day at the beloved park.

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