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Positive And Negative Impacts Of Medical Tourism On Canadian Healthcare

Issue Medical tourism can be quite appealing to Canadians; however, it can lead to healthcare delivery challenges with potential ethical and medical-legal risks. Reasons Demographic variations, especially aging population, along with rising incidence of chronic conditions add to demand for better health services. Waiting times,...

Medical Tourism in South Africa - The Best Novel Innovations

Since medicine is an important aspect of one's life, people think a lot in the best practices. That is why certain countries, regions and hospitals or certain institutions have become more popular as advanced healthcare stations. The word medical tourism has derived from this belief....

Benefits and Risks of Medical Tourism in Brazil

Background Medical tourism is known to date back to the 1980’s and 1990’s when health costs rose. This caused Americans to start traveling to Central American countries like Costa Rica for dental bridges and caps not covered by their insurance – which was later known...

Medical Tourism And Hair Transplantation In Dubai

Hair loss is an increasingly common problem for those living in extreme climates such as the Gulf’s intense heat. An article in Gulf News says - it was revealed that 67 per cent of respondents claimed to be affected by hair loss and 56 per...

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