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Tourist Popularity Of Machu Picchu And Its Effects On Nearby Communities

Some background information about Machu Picchu is that it is located in the Eastern Cordillera of southern Peru, there are lots of archeologists that believe that Machu Picchu was an estate for Pachacuti who was the Inca emperor at the time. It is the most...

The Issue of Over-Tourism at Machu Picchu

Introduction of Tourism & Over-tourism Tourism is the world’s largest industry preserving and managing the natural environment and become the most important strategy future growth and development of the tourism industry (Edgell, D. L. 2016). It is one of the major service industry as well...

The Factors That Affected the Over-Tourism in Machu Picchu

Introduction World population is rising and the number of people around the world has reached terrifying levels in recent years. The growth in population has had a major impact on famous tourist spots around the world. These popular tourist places have experienced the phenomenon of...

The Threat of International Tourism to the Sacred Machu Picchu

According to the esteemed travel platform Trip Advisor, the visitor experience at Machu Picchu is deemed a unique and unforgettable journey, exuding an aura of awe and mysticism. The location's nature necessitates a fair amount of trekking to fully savor the visit. The more daring...

The Refined Engineering and Architecture in Machu Picchu

Embedded inside the amazing landscape at the gathering point between the Amazon Basin and the Peruvian Andes, the Historic site of Machu Picchu. It is among the best building and land use accomplishments ever and the most recognisable piece of heritage from the ancient Inca...

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