Pretty Unreal: Celebrities Don't Look As Good As We Think

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Pretty Unreal

In a more globalized world, people tend to come to some sort of agreement whether knowingly or unknowingly. Our generation idolizes celebrities and the celebrities, on the other hand, go extra lengths to become perfect in their fans eyes and as stated: “celebrities are in the business of looking good” (Mehta 2005, par 7). The trend has long existed only that it was more localized. The idea that men and women should look and conduct themselves in a particular way remains the same and outward beauty the main focus. Marilyn Monroe a famous actress in the late 1950’s had a problem with how society was keen on viewing her outward voluptuous body figure and assumes her character for the comedic roles she took rather than the inner beauty and intelligence she had.

Setting Standards

Models, television actresses, and musicians have been known to put themselves through surgeries and procedures to look a certain way. They are even known to use their body figures as a brand and incorporate it into their activities; some of them have been known to put up insurance policies on their body parts. For example, Jennifer Lopez is said to have insured her backside for 27 million dollars. For a person to put such a ridiculous amount on their body part means that they find it beautiful and to their fans make them want to be an exact copyright. It becomes a sad situation when a person really gives in to the pressure and when physical exercise and other natural techniques fail to end up doing plastic surgery for them to look a certain way.

Current Role of Makeup

In today’s society, women tend to wear makeup so that they may conceal a certain blemish or enhance their beauty. It has become so common that no one really asks why they really do need to wear any makeup at all, though it not being wrong to wear it the wrong thing is that some do it to hide their blemishes and with that denying a part of themselves. However, wearing makeup is not wrong at all, the false bit is where people adopt it to be part of who they are and accept something unnatural till they feel amiss without it. Models in magazines tend to have their images altered and blemishes on their skin cleared to attain the most “perfect look” (Mehta 2005, par 9).

Diversity in Standards

Depending on demographics people have a certain standard for how they need to look in a certain region. For starters we may take a look at Hispanic women who always bare the emblem of being curvy, African women having a huge derriere and breasts, Asian women having a doll like and innocent face (Mehta 2005 par 10). Having these particular brand on women tends to create a certain measure by which they have to mold themselves into and also become.

Body Imaging in Boys

Boys are not left out in these sequence of events as they are also pushed to look more buff and the skinny ones made fun of as they do not match up to the set standards. These stereotypes set a precedent where men are expected to be tall and muscular with six-pack abs as the signature (Mehta 2005, par 5& 15). Independence and strong emotion is a character trait that is expected of all men and those without the said traits viewed as the black sheep in society.

In conclusion, stereotyping in the form of physical body appearance is now a common thing in society and everyone is now trying to be what society has set as the mark. Much personal evaluation has to be made and for a better and more reasonable approach, the physical should be what we choose to make of ourselves.

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