The Mysterious Atmosphere of Rain

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Glorious, heavenly light shone through bright, delicate clouds, signifying a new day. The sky is as picturesque as your wildest dream and as gloomy as a nightmare. The smattering of infinite low level clouds that are spread-out for miles upon sight and the serene milky cotton ball floating through obstructed potions of the endless sky that showed off its infinite beauty. The morning sky is mostly cloudy, but this morning the sky’s tone unhurriedly darkened, as the clouds glide with wind which can’t be felt, splitting the sun rays into hundreds of bright fingers that marks the ground. Heavy rain bounced off the rumbling sky.

The droplets of water conquer the bright ball of light, greying the world around me. A smothering of icy waters beat my skin like hammers falling out of the sky above. People run, seeking shelter and umbrellas are unlocked shielding those under, as the clouds spit out pearls. The sound of emptiness invading the streets, disrupting the loud expressive boom of rumbling shortly followed by a strike of vivid light. The pools of water unite to form; as the wall of showers gets heavier and all I can hear is the murmuring of the beads of water. I sprint across the slippery path; my body enfeeble by the obscure weight of my soaked clothes. Again. Thunder growling in the distance and a bolt of fulguration splintering the ball of flame blue sky into two. Sharp flashes of pure light cast a glow against the monochromatic background. The cruelty, the insanity demolishing the crystal reflection of the sky leaving darkness…

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But that is not all, the everlasting sound of crashing, shattering and destruction, falls over my fragile body leaving marks of insignificance. Although, the throbbing agony seems substantial, I endure the urge to look to the murky blues beyond. A certain gloominess illuminating the emotions of my suffering. The “phut-phut” isn’t undemanding, swollen drops of water I am hearing, as the shadowy firmament releases its frustration. I slithered transversely on the shone cold trajectory with no grip, fighting my way out of the fast approaching hail storm. The hovering air screeches like a rusty door. Heavy rain falls as heavy rocks from the sky. Trees. They bend and moan in wrath, branches torn like paper limbs.

I felt myself sink into a state of ease, for I knew what was coming next. The impending was inevitable and I could sense it nearing. The blissful cold falling gently down onto the dried lands seeking moisture that the weather can supply like an amplified thirst that relieves all. Through the surface white petals gleaming through the dark gracefully falling through the thin air and the atmosphere rigid and unruly. Snow. The beauty of the soft texture and crunching sounds as my foot lays upon its manipulated surface. It lays peaceful in serenity. The velvet touch of the tranquil crystals falls from above with a loyal approach. The serene light shines through a glass of joy, as it flutters from place to place with no means of order, like a wild butterfly. The tantalizing snowflakes fluttered like ballerinas down to Earth. Floating gently down, landed on hilltops as if they are white blankets, keeping the hills covered. Bushes are delicately frosting over and trees enfolding in snow hats and scarves. Declining snow seems like diminutive angels which filled the skies. Inexpressibly, the sky blazed in the dull mist. Filling rabbit holes with whiteness; huddling families together.

Quality of darkness shifted in the sky, but the rain kept pouring. Time flies by, dissipating the true power of the elements. But when everything has gone dark, a glimmer of hope breaks dawn.

The once icy atmosphere that leaves a chill down my spine flees in a rush melting the icicles dampening the floor beneath. I sense a transformation in the sky in the east, due to the snow covering the white roads, becoming brighter. As I stride along the road, I turn my head and see that dawn has broken. A mixture of yellow and orange emerging on the horizon beneath a dark neon blue ocean of night that begins to evaporate into thin air, lost to everyone’s discomfort, against the tri-colored rainbow sky, trees of intense emerald, and the roofs of houses are like shadows growing with the suns descent. The sky’s hue slowly darkens as the once gleaming sunlight set. The ball of flame finally put to rest, waiting for next morning, as humanity remains hopeful for the rays of glistening light to rise cheerfully again, waking billions of people.

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