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Diurnal Variation of Rainfall and Rain Data in Banglade

In this season, daytime heating triggered by high temperatures and tower type clouds build-up which is mainly tall, high echo top and deep convection clouds such as cumulonimbus, cumulus, that is more vertical in nature and mostly come up during the late afternoon and early...

Writing Assignment: Why I Adore Rain

Since my first rendezvous with dark, threatening clouds, I have been fascinated by the ethereal beads they shower. How the water droplets fall from the sky, as if the heavens are bestowing their blessing upon all of God’s creations – giving them an opportunity to...

Heavy Rain as a Cause for Plumbing Issues

Although you can inspect your all parts of your plumbing to make sure they’re bulletproof, sometimes forces outside of your controls can cause a multitude of issues in your plumbing system. Believe it or not, something as innocuous as heavy rain can cause plumbing issues....

Acid Rain Issue in the Heart of Pakistan

People living in Punjab, and Lahore, the ‘heart of Pakistan’ in particular, have been breathing acid rain for years. It becomes more visible, dense and hurting when the temperature begins going down around November-December. Who is to be blamed for smog and what has the...

The Mysterious Atmosphere of Rain

Glorious, heavenly light shone through bright, delicate clouds, signifying a new day. The sky is as picturesque as your wildest dream and as gloomy as a nightmare. The smattering of infinite low level clouds that are spread-out for miles upon sight and the serene milky...

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