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From Excitement to Fright: My Dangerous Skiing Experience

On a chilling February day I made the long and treacherous walk from the warm and cozy ski lodge out into the cold and frigid air of sugar mountain. I took no time as I quickly paced toward the ski racks in an excitement to...

The Effects of the Seasons Change in Space

The first effect that the orbit of the earth has is seasons. Because the earth is tilted on a 23.4 degree angle (obliquity) different areas of the earth get more energy and heat from the sun at different times of the year. When the earth...

Similarities Between The Great Gatsby and Winter Dream

As we have learned, “Winter Dream” was written by the same author of “The Great Gatsby”. Both of them shows the relationship between a young beautiful girl and a young boy who was born in poor family but turned out to be rich through their...

F. Scott Fitzgerald Winter Dreams: Love Can't Be Bought with Money

Winter Dreams, a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, describes the story of a covetous man named Dexter Green. Basically, when he was a young boy at the age of just fourteen years old, he came across a lovely girl, Judy Jones. This encounter...

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