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Recycling Should Be Made Mandatory All Over The World

All around the world, countless numbers of people like the thought of recycling, but most individuals do not choose to recycle. Recycling is a process in which you take materials that you would normally throw away and reuse them to form new products (Rinkesh). University...

Adaptation of United States to Recycling

Recycling in the United States and all around the world has proven to be a problem and has tested society’s ability to make changes and adapt to these overwhelming issues. Questions are being raised about the United States recycling systems. Are we behind compared to...

The Benefits Of Recycling Program

My name is Amber Garbs and I am a sophomore at Lamar University who has a keen interest in making the world a better place for future generations. Here at Lamar we participate in a thing called LU Green which encourages students to recycle in...

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