The Circular Economy: Redefining Sustainability and Growth

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The circular economy is the an economical ideas focused at the recycling the wastes and old materials and the constant use of many resources as well as it is the way of new thinking of technological, methodological to modify rust full things such as old cloths ,cars in the world today . As the new generation of technology having a lots of electronics and mechanical plan and tools to old things into new with new style. In concern with circular economy. Day today life people are rethinking how to use the old material, wood, old vehicles, and other spares parts of the old transports this recycling process and systems were not available in may past years ago in this world .people used to throw every old cloths or burn it down not only that but also in the country plastics and wooden, cushion were just stored in the separate place to became rubbish to use for the different purposes and not were transformed into new good for use. And because of that it was affecting the life of people and environment and were very being polluted as well as many of the country, community were unhealthy, because old things were not going through the circular economy process. The present community having a bundles of resources to make useless into very much useful. So therefore the growth rate of the economic factors developing very rapidly in and throughout the society, community as well the many parts of the world.

However, now at present may companies, trade marketing taking parts in Circular economy to do not waste the wastes materials such as old garments, plastics, fabric able materials motor vehicles spare parts it has been became current the an excellent statement in the trade economical line that; collect–cruise–renew-contribute to people for the building of the economic systems . As far as circular economy concern some of things are very correlated to company factors which is very administrative processing ideas for the restorative economy which are the following here; renovation of the waste and the pollution, try to use constantly the manufactured products and the materials in everyday use for life, refine the process of neutrality. The products are very durable such as engines and the computer, on the other hand, are made of technical nutrients unsuitable for the reuse, and biosphere, such as metals and most plastics.

Those are the planned from the start for reuse, and products is related to the rapid technological advanced are modified for upgrade. Also other energy required to fuel this cycle should be renewal by nature, again to decrease resource dependence and increase system resilience. Circular initial focused on having positive effect on the ecosystem as well as to the counteract the overloaded things and misuse of the environment. And also the economic growth is very much important factor of circular economy. The most and foremost thing is that who invented the circular economy system, where it has come from, it was invented by Mr Thomas savery found the steam engine and then started chain logistics circular economy .it was for the first time that was created for the purpose of rapid development of business and to develop the country and its people, for the first in the history.

Detalis on Circular Economy

What are the advantages of industry following circular economy supply chain? However, now a day most of the industry or the company following the methods of circular economy in order to grow the business and multiply the circles of there chain establishment work inner and outer side of substantiated company location .if the industry, multinational or international company is not taking the ideas of circular economy then the company will not be remaining for the long lasting and it will be diminished soon ,because the circular economy and as well as the chain management are the very correlated in company Human resource management . So therefore it is very important to renew and reuse the anything and everything which is very much required for necessary in the rapid growth of industry and trade economically. As facts there are a lots of advantages of the circular economy as follows:

  • Economic growth of industry

It’s very much factual that if any manufacturing company or supply chain industry follow the circular economy methods then the increment of economy will be rapidly grow and every employees will have sound healthy growth financially and there’s jobs will be not unsecured as now days people having facing problem with pay in the some of the company .

  • Expansion of the company

The expansion of the company we can see to the history of IKEA-Furniture Company. It was the first store which was open in the Almhult samaland, in 1958, associated with mobel-Ikea which means furniture in Swedish languages and other store was also open outside the Sweden was opened in Norway in 1963 as well as in Denmark in 1969. And later on this company has been grown everywhere as well as established in many other continents of the world such as Australia, China, Austria, Canada, Czech republic, Denmark Finland, Norway, Poland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Hungry, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United kingdom, Ireland. So these are the Advantages of using the circular economy ideas and methods and it has been becoming very beneficiary in and throughout the world. The beginning was even though very little and small but the root of the company was founded on the basis of circular economy renovating and transforming old into new shape not only that but also providing very excellent quality of service and which very strong–durable for long time, because of that very much attracted to products of the Ikea in all over the world. Most of the places this industry having the large area company plants. Even when people go to Ikea to buy anything or something it takes whole day for them to go around to different department to department and even when people tired with purchasing. So now the result of the ikea it has been expanded in and throughout the world. The circular economy is very much helpful for the all people in any industry or the multinational trade market.

  • Benefit for the Employment

The circular economy methods made a lots of jobs through the varies company in the industry in the world. From the history of the circular economy it has been contributed a lots of job employees are very much experiencing the financial benefit through the multinational manufacturing factory and company by the mutual help of circular economy methods. Because that the ratio of unemployment decreasing and people having jobs home family and children education.

  • New products made from recycling old materials

Engines, computer, glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles, batteries, bottles metals, electronics devices, aluminium, steel can, jars, sysmfonisk table, lamp with speaker, symphonic wife bookshelf speaker, wireless control outlet, remote control kit, bedroom ideas, beds, matter tress, chest of drawers, wardrobes, pad fitted wardrobes, table, bathroom products, decorations, storage and organisation, furniture, kitchen appliances, roof for home, charging power plants, bins, class, bags, plastic shopping bags, polychrome cup, containers, soiled foods items.

  • Construction materials from recycling

The construction company purchase the recycled material and products to furnish the apartment all the mountain and the hilly countries use the material for roofing the houses and recycled chemicals powder is being used for the painting the walls and selling not that but also its materials is used for flooring mattes as well as the renewed material play board is used for the dining table. In other hand plastics bricks which very peak of demandable in some of the country for the contraction work. This types of bricks is very weightless and having no much heavy burden of the house as well as thin steel is being used for the kitchen and hotels and big bib malls in throughout the country. So these are the advantages of the circular economy .without this it’s very difficult for the company to survive for long term and it can affect the employee’s job if industry doesn’t follow the pattern of the remaking process. Now days in each and every country try to recycle something and improve the economic growth of industry. if the manufacturers do not having this system and following same as it was followed previous time then it’s not going to improve financial condition of the company.howerver its very beneficial for each and every one to follow the ideas of circular economy as well this remaking materials are used on international level. It’s very cost affective useful and stable for the long lasting time .about the cottons in some of the country it’s very much resources full for the economic growth and it’s getting better day by day as well as lots of circular chain trade are taking over.

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What are the disadvantages of following circular economy process? Here are the lists of disadvantage of recycling process:

  1. Recycling ton of garbage will required the separate factories and employees.
  2. Recycling the old goods and material, rubies will be producing the pollution as well as it can cause the cancer problems and other illness human life not only that but also it can affect the environments natures.
  3. Recycling is not always cost effective.
  4. Recycling might low quality jobs.
  5. Lots of use of Chemicals acids oils and bleach can diminish the quality of air.

As matter of fact these are the disadvantages that can bring the negative impression of the human being and make eternal damage s of the human bodies .moreover it might affect the cultivation area also if it the industrial area is very closer to firming lands as well it may be harmful for the river or ocean if the recycling waste left over chemical are being thrown such places, because in some of the jungle, desert water is exchanging here and there. These are points the views focused on disadvantage of the recycling old rubbish. As we know that are tons kg of chemicals and refining acids Ares being used for the purpose of the recycling the waste. It seem that there is two face of remaking the products one is good for financial growth situation and in other hand is that it’s very much harmful for the this human being as well if these manufacturing agency not working for the refining the old materials it is also very much damegeful for this community and environments of global. Therefore in these case it’s founded that this kind of methods having two features in global one beneficiary and another is consisting the pollutions effects in this process.

Example of Company Following IKEA and McDonald's 

The historical factors say that Ingvar Kanprad was the founder of the Ikea Company. It was founded in 1943 as Ikea has started online services as and also mailing services for sale and purchase business. It started to sell furniture after five years later of establishment of the company and not at same movement. The first of his work was started in Almuhut smaland, in 1958, associated with name mobel-Ikea as Furniture Company for the first time in that location. IKEA/parental organizations – Ikea is taken over by the man called Ingka is holding the now ownership of the company and running the business of furniture in and throughout the world. The Dutch Group that is running by non-profit Dutch organization known by the name the stitching ingka foundation, which was established by the kamprad in 1982. This association is led by five person society in that kamprad as well as his wife and attorney added to running the ikea multi international company.

According to the survey the ne t worth of the ikea was 58.7billian dollars around in 2018 and it made him the eight richest person in world. After the death this company founder someone has taken over the company. kamprad died when he was sleeping at his own house in smaland, Sweden on the date of 27 jan 2018 that he was 91 years old man. In the 2016 the company ikea made the global income was around lumps sum 35billian euros, because the mind set of customers were clearer about the service and quality of Goods and the materials. Related to old things this company policy was to give online service to the people to collect the old materials from the house. This company got the rapid growth towards the business and the customer’s expectation toward the quality and the cost requirement so that why the economic development was improving like anything day by day year after years.

However, the McDonald is one of the food verbiage company which provides online service and offline service in the world for the better satisfactory of the society toady. According to the history of the McDonald restaurant as past history say that it was started in some year ago in 1948 by brothers Maurice and as well as Richard McDonald in san Bernardino, California. Bother of them brought the ideas to start the fast food business and was very small and tinny business during those day as pioneer it was very well planned starting. McDonalds launches platform to showcase packaging as well as the recycling solutions to make customer sustainable. Moreover it’s going to attract the customer for the containment through the recycling process as well, as it can be very better for the circular economy growth and the environment and energy and not only that but also the resource management sustainability. The recent news of McDonald is that its announced a wide ranging of programme for the removal of the minimise plastic as well mc flurry spoons a renovated and refashion the straw paper for the packaging not only that but also the toy take backplanes is going to take place.

The past history and the present history of the McDonald describe a story that 70-78 percent of the packing bag is fibre and this ratio has been increase for the European trade and the markets over and over day by day years after years. so in that case the McDonald may losing the its customer in each and every areas of theirs business for the not making healthy and satisfying carrying papers. Fabrics is also melting away as soon as possible if it’s not preserve on the right place as well as kept on the separate places. So therefore in order to make customer this kind of decision has been taken trough out the world. If the McDonald not changing the it service style and process the customer might not be remaining.

The Barrier for the Circula Economy

Technical barrier is the rule for measurement of the products such as weight and the size as well as packing that all kinds of that row materials exporting and importing from one country to another country not only that but also gives the policy for the trade and the business outside of the any country. In each and organization having the administrative rules for the export and the import the product mostly this rules applied with international multi company because the international business have to go through may kind of the process and the requirements.

The language as well as the cultural barriers brings a lots of challenges in the trade and international business, sometime people have to get the interpreter in order to translate the business communication and to make understand to all people .so there for all the matters will be discussed smoothly . Even though still there is barriers and the challenges in the international trade fare. As because the globalization and the classification among the country and it is increasing day by day, moreover there are is another factor that explains that conflict between different country and the cultural people. The another thing is that it prohibit able that verities of cultures will be meeting together in order to short out the problems in regard with trade and the business as well it adds the social and the cultural factors effecting the business and its very related to the self believe systems as well the custom and tradition from we have grown up not only that but also behaviours of the people given by the local or the native community in the country. Most of the time we follow the traditional rules and the policy for the manufacturing and trade our business, because we have been influenced by such things from the starting time itself.

However, there is found the lack of awareness of about the different kinds of the business ideas and trades , sometime a new business man doesn’t realised the causing point in theirs business . It might be the business ideas which is not stables for that new business.


CE as a concept was introduced in some years ago with its threes principles of reducing, and reusing, recycling energy, materials and the waste. CEi s seen as offering visible alternative development strategy to ease tension between desired national economy development and environmental is also helps address existing resources scarcity and the pollution problems and enables enterprises and the industries to improve their competitiveness by removing green barriers in their international trade business relationship. As example china I rapid industrial development is and persistent high rate of economic growth since its open door policy at the end of the 1970 has led to increased awareness about china’s resources scarcity and environmental degradation. CE is viewed as a visible solution countries resources scarcity and the environmental problems.

This study has provided the overall review of literatures on the circular economy in and through the world. This is consistent with the new thought for the development in china and India as well corner of this worldwide. This education builds a great idea for successful promotion of entrepreneurship in ever realm of trade and business.    

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