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The Establishment Of Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

The establishment of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) basically revolves around its essential targets: to instill the resources of energy and patriotism among the youthful, to set them up for a basic power and citizenship, and most outrageous, to make pioneers and nearby armed...

Analysis of The Junior Officer Training Corps Program and Its Benefits

Just think if we gave every high school kid the same opportunities no matter their background to grow and learn, would you afford them the opportunity? Every kid doesn’t learn the same or want the same career path to be successful in life. The students...

How JROTC Enhanced My Emotional Intelligence

As a society, we place a huge importance on using our heads over our hearts. In other words, we are taught to keep our emotions in check and not wear our feelings on our sleeves but rather think logically and reasonably before doing anything in...

The Impacts JROTC Program Had on Me

In today’s society, emotional intelligence is deemed essential to become an effective leader. Individuals who possess a high degree of emotional intelligence (EQ), acquire five common traits: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. High school students enrolled in Junior ROTC become leaders by learning...

Personal Experience Of Being A Part Of JROTS In Teenage Years

Coming of age for me happened over time as I learned from my mistakes, it did not occur in an exact moment. Throughout the transition from middle school to high school, I learned that life is invaluable and to cherish each moment which helped me...

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