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Heat Island Effect: How We Can Reduce the Jungle Fires and Save the Forests

Jungles are burning in this hot summer. This year, according to newspapers, summer is over four degrees Celsius hotter than the previous year. In the last week of April, the heat waves and the patterns of summer have been difficult for people. Kalahandi is in...

Fire Safety Hazards and Ways to Prevent Them

Today, people like to talk about the progress we made in the last century. We drive electric cars, send spaceships to the moon, and can see people who live on the other continent in the real-time but we still did not learn much about fire...

The Methods of Fire Prevention, Awareness and Safety

Introduction Fire prevention and awareness should be tolerated and practiced by all the crew members and passengers. In this situation, the unity, cooperation and camaraderie of all the people would surely work. Fire would be risky to all the passengers and crew members. A fire...

Implementation of Fire Safety to Protect Vulnerable Welfare

Introduction This report has been created to outline methods which can increase community fire safety within the West Midlands (WMFS). They will be discussed in great depth, exploring all avenues and explaining how they would work not only theoretically but practically as well. Since it...

A Report on Structural Fire Safety: Current Issues and Solutions

Abstract This paper aims to delve into the realm of Structural Fire Safety, exploring the existing knowledge surrounding this subject. Beyond examining current solutions to the challenges it presents, the paper will delve into intricate details available to the public while making predictions about the...

Studies of Fire Safety Experiences and Accounts

Flynn 1989 (Guide to Fire Precautions in Existing Hostels, Guesthouses and Similar Premises), listed standardized procedures for development and implementation of fire safety programmes for each individual premise to include: (1) prevention of outbreak of fire through establishment of day to day fire prevention procedures;...

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