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Choice Between Civil Liberties And National Security In American History

The post-World War II and 9/11 eras were similar times in U.S. history where the United States government lived in fear. To protect national security from the communist regime, Congress passed an infamous piece of legislation in 1950, known as the McCarran Internal Security Act....

My Internship Experience In The National Security Agency

The internship that I will be applying for is hosted within the National Security Agency (NSA), the intelligence center for the United States Department of Defense. Responsible for the cybersecurity, data collection, monitoring, and protection of networks or information systems. The company has a wide...

National Security Concern of Internet Privacy and the Onion Routing 

Internet help connect people worldwide as a powerful communication and information sharing platform. However, as the internet “requires the collection of certain data from individuals who visit web sites—such as Internet address—in order for the site to operate properly”, every data the users provide may...

Apple's Ethical Dillema: National Security or Company's Integrity

Managers of business organizations often face ethical dilemmas in their work environment. The choice of what course of action to take is often difficult because most company executives lack training in the field of ethics. However, as managers, they are obligated to make the best...

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