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Factors Leading to Frequent Military Interventions in Pakistan

The evolution of the civil-military relations in Pakistan was affected by many factors that were unique to the developing world. The political and administration infrastructures of Pakistan have to be built from the scratch is one these factors. Like Indian Army, Pakistan army originated from...

A Comparative Analysis: Gunpowder and Nuclear Weapons in Military History

Since the establishment of civilizations, man has been interested in inventing simple tools to defend himself, but with the development of lifestyles and the rise of nations. The interest has become greater in developing military methods and developing weapons. In this article I will discuss...

Analysis of the Controversy Surrounding Military Spending

Should the government decrease military spending, or should it increase military spending? This is a question that many Americans wrestle with, and politically speaking, is a point of great contention since to many, military might evoke a sense of security. However, when considering this question...

An In-Depth Analysis of Military Industrial Complex

It has been observed with the passage of time that the military industry has been progressing in terms of their technology as well as their capabilities of production. According to the study it has been observed that in postmodern era, military production plays an important...

Military Diplomacy in Nepal - the Only Key for Peaceful Existence

“I believe the military should be wary of diplomacy until war is declared; then the State Department should keep its nose out and let the military do whatever is necessary to win” Stuart Symington. Military diplomacy is defined as the series of activities which are...

Analysis of Mission Command and Operation Anaconda

Mission command allows commanders to use authority and direction when executing orders and empowering leaders during unified land operations (ADRP 6-0). Mission command is the foundation for unified land operations, and parallel with the Army’s operation concept. In mid-January 2002, Major General Franklin Hagenbeck exercises...

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