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The Future of Homeland Security

This paper discusses the Department of Homeland Security’s ongoing fight on terrorist threats from its start after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th to the new development of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) for its on-going effort to...

The Effect of USA Patriot Act on Security for Ourselves in a Free World

This paper will explain the power that companies and the government has over the citizenry of the United States within the influence(s) and confines of the cyber world, and how our introduced bill will stop, punish, and dismantle the easy ability that corporations and the...

Cyber Security of the US Infrastructure

Cyber-attacks may not seem tangible in the digital world, but they can cause real damage. Technology and the internet join all countries together with the potential to be an asset or a weapon. A cyber-attack can reach a global level easily with a low-risk and...

Cyber Security Challenges in Pakistan

The growth of technology and dependency on cyberspace offers valuable and essential services for human life’s functionality and the environment as well as the challenges and threats. Cybersecurity is a field that emphasizes protecting computers, servers, information, programs, and networks from unauthorized access, any change...

Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology for Management of India’s Coastal Security

Abstract India has a long coastline and large number of island territories entitling her vast coastal sea areas for the purpose of exploring and exploiting, conserving and managing ocean resources like fishing, ocean mining, drilling for oil and gas etc. Further, India is largely dependent...

The Issues Of External And Internal Security In Iran

In the last 500 years, the borders of Persia have remained pretty much as they are now, losing some regions in the Caucasus and Central Asia. This is due to the presence of natural barriers. The borders of the country are constituted by a coast...

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