Essay Samples on Soldiers

Simo Hayha: The Deadliest Soldier in WW2

Simo Häyhä…. If the name does not send shivers down your spine then it will soon. Simo had the biggest kill count in the second world war. He earned that title with nothing but a sniper rifle(Vic Thomas) and a subMachine gun (SMG DUX 53)….

Dehumanization of Vietnam Soldiers

Vietnam was a country that had a lot of problems within it. The South was at war with the North. The North was at war for their independence and at the same time, tried to kick out the Americans from the south. Since the Americans…

The Napoleonic Foot soldiers and Civilians

The main claim was about the hardship and bitterness experienced by “ordinary” soldiers and civilians during the Napoleonic War and gives us details about the pain and struggles that they were enduring. Based on the document, which provide the factual descriptions and evidence, were correct…

Shell Shock And Other Post-War Medical Issues

The war has brought many medical issues that have currently not been solved as of November 1919. Many medical complications have arisen amongst our war soldiers, and these complications are affecting our male demographic greatly. As we are reaching the one year mark since the…

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